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Everything is Normal

...said your doctor to you. You went to your doctor because you haven’t been feeling yourself in a while. Something is not quite right. You feel a bit “off’ but can’t quite put your finger on it. You may be…

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Wellness Care

You may have heard about a popular new type of preventative medicine called wellness care. But what exactly is wellness care and how is it different from the regular care you get from your doctor? Atlantis Medical Wellness Center is here to answer all your wellness care questions!

What is wellness care?

Wellness care is a form of preventative medicine where you and your doctor develop a plan to keep you healthy. The plan is based on your family disease history, your lifestyle, your current health status and your health goals for the future. Wellness care is not something you look for once you’ve gotten sick – it  is something you do while you are healthy in order to keep yourself that way.

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