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Wellness Care

You may have heard about a popular new type of preventative medicine called wellness care. But what exactly is wellness care and how is it different from the regular care you get from your doctor? Atlantis Medical Wellness Center is here to answer all your wellness care questions!

What is wellness care?

Wellness care is a form of preventative medicine where you and your doctor develop a plan to keep you healthy. The plan is based on your family disease history, your lifestyle, your current health status and your health goals for the future. Wellness care is not something you look for once you’ve gotten sick – it  is something you do while you are healthy in order to keep yourself that way.

What can I expect from a wellness care consultation?

During your wellness care consultation, your doctor will ask you questions to fully understand your health situation and create an effective wellness care plan. You can expect to be asked about your family history, if you have been diagnosed with any diseases, what your personal health concerns are and more. Your wellness care doctor wants to gain a complete understanding of everything that affects your health – past, present and future. In a wellness care consultation from Atlantis Medical Wellness Center, we will really listen to what you have to say to develop a wellness care plan completely tailored to fit your needs and lifestyle.

Your wellness care consultation will also include a thorough lab screening to test various organs and processes in your body. If there are any abnormalities, taking care of them will be added to your wellness care plan. Your wellness care plan will address all areas of your body – not just the parts currently causing you problems!

How is wellness care different from a regular visit to the doctor?

Wellness care is preventative, while a visit to your doctor is most likely a reaction to a new health issue you are experiencing. Wellness care is not like a check-up at the doctor either, because you wouldn’t expect to receive detailed lab screenings at your check-up. A wellness care exam may be the most detailed health analysis you’ve ever received!

Why do I need wellness care?

The better question is, why not? Why wouldn’t you want to prevent health problems before they occur instead of dealing with them afterwards? Wellness care is a proactive step towards improving your health – and it is entirely tailored to your needs. You can even continue to come to our wellness center year after year, and your plan can be adjusted as you age and your needs change.

Wellness Care from Atlantis Medical Wellness Center

Atlantis Medical Wellness Center will provide you with the best wellness care in the Maryland, Virginia and Washington, DC area. Take a proactive step towards improving your health and contact Atlantis Medical Wellness Center for wellness care today!


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