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Botox Silver Spring, MD Botox Silver Spring, MD

Are you seeking smoother skin? Do you wish your wrinkles and lines were softer looking? If so, our clinic for Botox in Silver Spring, MD may be just right for you. Call Atlantis Medical Wellness & Weight Loss Center to learn more now. 

What is Botox?

Botox is a purified form of botulinum toxin. It has the ability to target lines and wrinkles which are a result of repeated crinkling of the skin from smiling, laughing, or frowning. These can also occur with age, and other factors like smoking or dehydration. When injected in small doses under the skin, Botox relaxes the muscles and smooths the surface. The result is a youthful appearance. 

What Botox Can Do for Our Patients

  • Lift a drooping brow
  • Improve lines on the forehead
  • Reduce frown lines
  • Minimize crow’s feet
  • Contour the jaw

Botox is also used for medical purposes, such as neck spasms and migraines. If you are interested in getting Botox in Silver Spring, Maryland, please reach out to Atlantis Medical Wellness & Weight Loss Center.

Popular Botox Transformations

Botox can be used in many different places to create a younger and more youthful glow. It is important to discuss your goals with a professional before getting started, as he or she can go over how much Botox should be used and where it should be used to achieve your desired results. Sometimes, you need to get Botox in a few different places in order to get the look you are wanting. By speaking about it ahead of time, you can create a realistic plan on how to get exactly what you want out of your treatments. Here are some of the most common places people get Botox and why: 


Squinting, smiling, and laughing can be contributors to wrinkles forming around the area of the eye. These wrinkles tend to be very responsive to Botox. When injected correctly, Botox can restore a bright, well-rested expression. 


The brow line often falls with age. This can result in an expressive look that is tired, sad, or upset. Botox can elevate the brow and reduce furrows within the area. The result is a content, brighter appearance. 


Forehead wrinkles are very common as a person ages. Botox treatments in Silver Spring, MD can relax the facial muscles that lead to permanent creases on the forehead. Lines are softened and a person’s appearance can look much more relaxed. 


When a person feels their jaw is too large compared to the rest of their facial features, Botox may be recommended. Botox can reduce the size of the underlying muscle; thereby, create a contour to the area. It will not actually change the skeletal structure of the area, but it will alter the angle. This is a big transformation that patients are very happy with. 

Your Botox Treatment

When you come to our office for Botox in Silver Spring, MD, your injections will be done in the comfort of our office. The appointment typically lasts between 45 minutes and 1 hour. The injections take about 10 minutes. 

To begin, the doctor will ask you to contract your face in a number of different ways. This will allow us to correctly mark the treatment area. After, Botox injections are given. The goal is to smooth out wrinkles and lines while allowing you to move your face in a natural way. 

Botox carries little to no side effects. You might experience some swelling or redness, but this will fade shortly. There is no downtime which means you can resume your day as normal. 

The Results of Botox

Botox results tend to appear in the first couple of days after the treatment. It will last 3-4 months. At that point, you can arrange maintenance treatments at our Atlantis Medical Wellness & Weight Loss Center in Maryland. It is important to continue with your treatments to slow the signs of aging and keep the results you desire maintained. This is the best way to get the most out of the money you are spending and ensure your results are the exact way you want them to be. 

Take The Next Step

If you are tired of your wrinkles or lines and are ready for a change you can be happy with, Botox in Silver Spring, MD may be just right. Call Atlantis Medical Wellness & Weight Loss Center to schedule your first appointment.

Cost, time, and effectiveness of Botox

The cost of Botox depends on various factors, including:

  • Whether it is for medical or cosmetic purposes
  • Who provides the treatment
  • Where the treatment takes place
  • The number of Botox units involved

For cosmetic use, The American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery noted in 2016 that, on average:

  • The cost of a Botox treatment for frown lines or crows’ feet was $376
  • The procedure lasted 30 minutes
  • The improvement appeared in 1–5 days
  • Repeat treatments were necessary every 4–6 months
  • The person could return to work at once

Medicare covers the cost of Botox for medical purposes that doctors deem necessary. However, due to the potentially high cost, it is important to confirm that the treatment is covered before the appointment.

When considering Botox for any reason, it is crucial to make sure that the provider is a qualified professional with the appropriate training. At Atlantis Medical Wellness Center, we have professionals who are qualified and ready to serve you.

For people looking to have cosmetic Botox, the American Academy of Facial Esthetics have a locator function that can help.

Anyone who believes that Botox might help with a medical condition should speak with their doctor.

Risks and side effects of Botox

People generally tolerate Botox injections well, and side effects are uncommon.

However, depending on the reason for the injections and the person’s response, Botulinum toxin can cause some unwanted effects, including:

  • Dry eye, following cosmetic uses
  • An upset stomach
  • Numbness
  • Mild pain, swelling, or bruising around the injection site
  • A headache
  • Temporary eyelid drooping
  • Temporary unwanted weakness or paralysis in nearby muscles
  • Urinary problems after treatment for urinary incontinence
  • A worsening of neuromuscular disorders
  • Spatial disorientation or double vision after treatment for strabismus
  • Corneal ulceration after treatment for blepharitis
  • Cardiovascular events, such as arrhythmia and myocardial infarction

People should not use Botox if they have:

  • A sensitivity or allergy to it
  • An infection at the injection site

Depending on the type of treatment, there are concerns that the effects of Botox may extend beyond the injection site, possibly leading to symptoms such as difficulty breathing. Contact our Botox specialists for consultation on this.

This is more likely to occur in some individuals than others, and genetic factors may play a role.

Also, some people receiving injections of Botulinum toxin type A develop antibodies Trusted Source to the toxin that make subsequent treatments ineffective.

Botox Cosmetic and Medical Uses

Botox has cosmetic and medical uses. It can reduce the appearance of wrinkles and help treat certain disorders related to the nervous and muscular systems. If someone wants to try Botox, it is a good idea to speak to a healthcare provider about the risks, costs, and other considerations. Your primary care physician should be able to answer your questions about how Botox may affect you and any risk factors that you personally may need to evaluate before getting treatments done. Then, contact our Botox specialists. We are here to serve you and happy to speak about your treatments in great detail. 

PRP and Botox

Our office in Silver Spring, MD offers both Botox and PRP treatments. Did you know that you can use platelets from your own blood to help you look younger? There is a therapy called platelet-rich plasma that, in conjunction with microneedling, can actually assist in rejuvenating your production of collagen. Getting a facial using PRP can help smooth, tighten and improve your skin tone.

Here’s how it works.

Create the platelet-rich-plasma. This is not really a cosmetic, but rather a medical procedure. A few tubes of blood are taken from you and then put in a centrifuge, which spins the blood at a high rate, which separates the protein-rich plasma and the platelets. What is created as a result of this process is called platelet-rich plasma.

Orthopedic physicians have been using this therapy for many years to help heal injuries in the knee, elbow, shoulder, ankles and feet. PRP aids in the stimulation of collagen production, which helps to heal the body.

Treating your face with PRP.

When using platelet-rich plasma as a part of a treatment for your skin, the procedure is as follows:

  • The PRP is spread on your face and then the technician uses a process called microneedling across your forehead and cheeks so that the protein from the plasma gets absorbed into your skin.
  • Microneedling is a procedure where a series of pin-sized holes are placed on your forehead and cheeks using sterile needles. Using microneedling together with PRP helps stimulate collagen growth than if each therapy were done by itself. The skin is repaired both beneath the skin and on top of the skin.

Botox and PRP for Brain Injury Recovery and Headache Mitigation

Suffering from a brain injury can have a number of long-lasting effects on accident victims. Although it can take a long period of time to heal from a brain injury, some experience headaches or migraines for periods of time that can feel unending. There are a number of treatments migraine sufferers may try. Not only can a migraine impact nearly every aspect of how a person functions, treatment options can provide results that are not always consistent. This challenging reality has many migraine sufferers turning to Silver Spring, MD Botox and PRP services as alternative forms of treatment to more traditional approaches. 

There are a number of medications and treatments on the market that promise sufferers relief from pain. Aside from PRP and Botox, migraine pain may be managed by:

  • Chiropractic Care
  • Acupuncture
  • Nutritional Changes
  • Herbal Remedies
  • Prescription and OTC Medications

Although each treatment can be effective, results can vary from person to person. Platelet Rich Plasma Therapy and Botox are two forms of alternative treatment that may be able to provide those suffering migraines following a brain injury with relief on a consistent basis. Although these treatments aren’t right for every patient, the team at the Atlantis Medical Wellness & Weight Loss Center can help you determine if they may be right for you.

Administering PRP and Botox for Migraines 

PRP can help to regenerate cells and promote healing. Botox can help to adjust the tension in the face that leads to migraines. Those who have suffered from migraines may find that they experience a reduction in pain and the period of time during which their headaches may last. Administering of PRP begins with drawing blood from the patient and passing it through a centrifuge. The centrifuge separates the rich components to the blood to make up the PRP injection. Botox is injected in the same ways for migraines as is outlined above. If the thought of having PRP or Botox injected into your face makes you nervous, you’re not alone. Know that the experienced team at Atlantis Medical Wellness & Weight Loss Center can answer all of your questions and address all of your concerns so that you feel—with good reason—at ease during your procedure(s).

PRP and Botox as Migraine Management Tools

If you have been experiencing migraines for some time, PRP and/or Silver Spring, MD Botox services may be viable options for you. More and more people are accessing PRP as a possible solution to treating pain experienced from migraines. Botox is now used in many hospital settings to treat migraines as this approach is now widely embraced as a viable medical tool in treating headaches. The experienced Maryland team at Atlantis Medical Wellness & Weight Loss Center has extensive experience administering these treatments to patients who suffer from migraines—whether those migraines occur as a result of trauma or some other cause. As a result, we would be more than happy to speak with you about what to expect from our Silver Spring, MD Botox and/or PRP services as they pertain to migraines.

Adding Botox to the Mix

Where lines are deeper, such as around the eyes or mouth, added fillers called hyaluronic acid fillers and Botox are injected to reduce the appearance of these lines. 

The fillers give back volume that is diminished in your face because of your age. Botox works by keeping your facial muscles from contracting, such as the look around your eyes, called crow’s feet. 

All three of these therapies work together. Realistically, it will take a few treatments, spread apart by a few months to achieve the best possible results. In addition, periodically you will need to get the procedure performed to maintain optimal results. When you come to our office for Botox in Silver Spring, Maryland, you can also ask us whether adding PRP treatments would be best for you too.

Other Considerations

There are some people that will not qualify for PRP therapy. Those with any type of clotting issues that require taking blood thinners or if you have any issues that are blood-related will exempt you from receiving platelet-rich plasma therapy.

You also need to be realistic about the results of these therapies. Because these are non-surgical procedures, the effect will not be as drastic as a facelift.

In addition, if your skin suffers from severe sun damage or is extremely loose, the noninvasive treatments such as PRP, microneedling and Botox will not be as successful as surgery.

A consultation with a specialist can give you clarification and answer any questions as to which form of treatment will return the best results for you. PRP, in conjunction with microneedling and Botox, are available to give you outstanding results without surgery. Feel your best by booking a Botox or PRP appointment in Silver Spring, MD by calling Atlantis Medical Wellness & Weight Loss Center today.

5 Post-Care Recommendations for Botox Treatment

After receiving Botox in Silver, Spring MD at the Atlantis Medical Center, after-care is vital to making the treatment a success. While you are free to return to your everyday activities after treatment, there are a few rules you should follow to ensure the best results. 

1. Exercise Your Facial Muscles Only

If you exercise daily, keep in mind that you will have to stop doing so for at least 24 hours. However, facial exercises are highly recommended for patients who receive treatment in their face. You can easily exercise your facial exercises from anywhere by simply trying to make exaggerated facial expressions. For example, try frowning, smiling, and raising your eyebrows to the best of your abilities. Doing these facial exercises can help speed up the results of the Botox. 

2. Avoid Any Type of Rubbing or Touching of the Area

Rubbing can cause the displacement of the toxins from Botox, so avoid doing it altogether for at least 24 hours. For this reason, wearing makeup for the first 24 hours is not recommended, as the application of the makeup can cause a significant amount of rubbing. If you have any concerns about this, please make your doctor aware before receiving Botox in Silver Spring, MD. 

3. Don’t Get Other Skin Treatments 

For the first 24 hours, it is also highly suggested to avoid any other sort of skin treatment on the area injected with Botox. This can include massages, facials, scrubs, and any other sort of treatment that would involve touching the area. 

4. Cut Out Alcohol

Alcohol can increase your risk of bruising after receiving Botox, so it is important to cut alcohol out of your diet for at least 24 hours before and after treatment. 

5. Reduce Sun Exposure

Try to limit your sun exposure for 24-48 hours post-Botox. If avoidance for that period of time is not possible, try to schedule your treatment for a time where you can have at least 4 hours out of the sun. Heat exposure can cause flushing of the skin, which can then promote bruising. 

If you have any questions or concerns about bruising or any other symptoms after receiving Botox in Silver Spring MD, call the Atlantis Medical Wellness Center to discuss if you should be seen by a doctor. The staff will be more than happy to help answer your questions and make any further post-care recommendations if needed. 

3 Benefits of Botox

Botox is a neurotoxin that causes muscles to contract and is often used in cosmetic procedures and to treat certain health conditions. Botox generally lasts around three to four months, making it necessary to go back to receive another Botox in Silver Spring, MD treatment a few times per year if you still want the benefits of this treatment. Receiving Botox is a common procedure, with medical facilities across the United States, such as Atlantis Medical Wellness Center, providing this treatment. Here are three of the benefits of Botox. 

1. Reduced Sweating

For people who sweat excessively, Botox can be a welcome treatment to help with the embarrassment and odor that comes from large amounts of perspiration. Botox can be put into certain areas of the body such as the hands or underarms to prevent sweating in those locations. Consider Botox in Silver Spring, MD if antiperspirants do not seem to work to control the amount that you sweat. 

2. Diminished Fine Lines

Botox is most commonly known for helping to reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. Botox works by freezing the muscles in the face and preventing the face from moving in a way to causes lines and wrinkles to develop further. There is a trend of more and more younger people in their 20s and 30s getting Botox in Silver Spring, MD treatments as a preventative measure. Being happier with your appearance can help boost your self-esteem and help you feel more sociable. Although some side effects of Botox can include facial pain, headaches, temporary eyelid droop, and injection site pain, many people find the long-term benefits to be worth it. 

3. Help With Migraines

People who suffer from migraines know how debilitating this condition can be, causing extreme sensitivity to light and often nausea and vomiting, among other symptoms. Botox can help reduce the pain and other symptoms associated with migraine headaches in part by blocking the neurotransmitters responsible for carrying pain signals. If you get migraines, consider talking to someone at Atlantis Medical Wellness Center or a health care facility near you that offers Botox treatments for migraine headaches. 

Although Botox is most commonly associated with cosmetic procedures, it can help with many other health conditions and concerns as well. Talk to your doctor if you have any questions or concerns about Botox, and whether or not having Botox injections could be beneficial to you. 

Is Botox Right for You? 

To figure out if you really do want to get Botox, give our office a call today. We can speak to you about the best treatment option to fit your goals and determine how to best move forward. We may suggest doing Botox along with other treatments to maximize results and can advise you on the best way to achieve the look or health benefits you want. You are not locked in to a certain treatment plan and we will do our best to help figure out exactly what will be best for your individual goals. We can answer your questions and give you more information so that you can make an educated decision on what is best for you. To get started, contact Atlantis Medical Wellness & Weight Loss Center right away. We will take our time answering your questions and going over different options until you feel comfortable with a plan to move forward. We will not rush you, however you will wish you got started with us even sooner because of how much you will love the results Botox gives. Reach out today to schedule a consultation or set up your first appointment.

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