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Pharmanex Supplements in Maryland, DC and Virginia

Quality and real science based products are the focus. Optimal Health is the reason. Pharmanex supports true Functional Medicine by way of good science, measurement and testing. Over 75 science based peer reviewed studies support what Pharmanex provides: High quality supplements that improve overall optimal health.

If you’re in the Maryland, Virginia, or Washington, D.C. area and are looking to slow down the aging process, schedule an appointment with us to see if Pharmanex supplements are a good fit for you!

Pharmanex at Atlantis Medical Wellness Center

No matter your age or health concern, Pharmanex can benefit anyone who walks through our doors. Whether you suffer from a chronic condition that could be aided by nutritional supplements or you’re looking for a cutting-edge way to stay young and youthful, Pharmanex products help many of our patients.

Upon entering our facility, a member of our team will conduct an initial screening evaluation of your health. Factors we consider include:

  • Your eating and exercise habits
  • Your lifestyle habits
  • Specific biomarkers of health
  • Your family history and genetic predispositions

About Pharmanex Products and Supplements

Whether you’re a teen athlete looking for a competitive edge on the court or a woman experiencing the first signs of menopause, Pharmanex carries a wide array of products and supplements. Atlantis Medical Wellness Center provides the following supplements that enhance your wellbeing and promote overall longevity:

  • LifePak – These high quality nutritional packets do all the measuring and counting for you. Choose from a variety of LifePaks based on your health needs and goals.
  • g3 High Antioxidant Juice – Antioxidants are the tools that fight off disease and aging. Pharmanex’s g3 juice drinks pack a load of bioavailable antioxidants to support immunity and overall health. They’re a great alternative for those unable to swallow supplements.
  • Probiotics, Detox Products, Digestive Enzymes, and Vision Health Products all are supported with high quality scientific studies to improve health.
  • My Victory Protein Boost – Most Americans don’t get nearly the amount of protein they should. Use Pharmanex’s lactose, gluten, and soy free protein powder to up your protein intake and potentially curb cravings for high-fat and high-sugar foods.

Want to learn more about Pharmanex nutritional supplements? Make an appointment with the experts at Atlantis Medical Wellness Center. We take the time to listen to your health care needs, concerns, and goals—and we’re prepared to provide you the upmost wellness care in the Maryland area.

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