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Tennis Elbow PRP Therapy Silver Spring, MD Tennis Elbow PRP Therapy Silver Spring, MD

Injured tendons often heal slowly because they do not have a great blood supply. Because of this, the pain that comes with tennis elbow is often lingering, even if you try to reduce this pain through traditional methods like medication, ice, and rest. There are other methods of treatment that people in Maryland turn to when their tennis elbow won’t heal including invasive treatments like surgery. However, platelet-rich plasma therapy, a newer form of treatment, is much less invasive and may help your body use its own blood plasma to heal your tennis elbow quickly and efficiently. Below, you will find more information on tennis elbow, treatments, and why PRP therapy may be the right choice for you. Contact Atlantis Medical Wellness & Weight Loss Center to find out if tennis elbow PRP therapy Silver Spring, MD patients recommend is right for you. 

What Is Tennis Elbow?

It surprises many people to learn that you never have to pick up a tennis racket to have a doctor diagnose you with tennis elbow. In fact, many people with tennis elbow are: 

  • Landscapers
  • Carpenters
  • People who work in offices
  • Golfers

 Tennis elbow occurs when the tendon in your elbow is severely inflamed, sore, or causing you pain. It is also known as a more severe form of tendonitis. Tennis elbow happens when there is a partial tear in the elbow’s tendon fiber, and while the pain may begin dull, it can grow to excruciating pain that stems from your elbow, down your arm, and even to the hand.

 What Is Platelet-Rich Plasma Therapy?

 The platelets in your blood contain different proteins — also known as growth factor s— that can encourage your body to heal injuries faster and more efficiently. A doctor takes PRP from your own blood supply and injects it into the damaged area (in this case the elbow) to promote healing. How does PRP therapy Silver Spring, MD families trust work? 

  • Your doctor will first draw a sample of your blood just like other doctor’s appointments where they take your blood.
  • Then, your blood is carefully placed into a centrifuge which spins at very high speeds to separate the plasma.
  • Once fully separated, your doctor will take this plasma and inject it into your elbow at the site of pain.

 The process is very simple and there is little preparation that you need to do beforehand. In fact, because you do not have to stay in a hospital or have surgery, you can usually go home after the procedure and resume your daily activities, monitoring your pain levels and ensuring you do not strain your elbow with overuse. 

Why PRP Therapy Over Other Treatments? 

PRP therapy has shown to treat tennis elbow without the need for invasive techniques (like surgery) and by using your body’s own natural platelets to self-heal. PRP injections are essentially concentrated forms of your body’s platelets going straight to the source of the pain.

Additionally, the side effects of PRP therapy are mild since the source of the healing is from your own body. As with any injections, there may be slight bruising or pain at the site of the injection once the doctor has completed your procedure. 

Who Can I Speak With? 

If you would like to speak with a doctor about tennis elbow PRP therapy in Silver Spring, MD, contact Atlantis Medical Wellness Center to schedule a consultation and find out how this therapy may be able to help.


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