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When consulting with patients about Weight Loss Bethesda MD residents trust at Atlantis Medical Wellness & Weight Loss center, we find that it helps to provide information about why diet fads don’t work. Unfortunately, it is way too easy nowadays to get wrapped up in a diet fad that doesn’t really work, or if it does, not for the long-term! Fad diets promise so much to their followers, but often result in more weight issues and are not backed by medical evidence. Ironically, one of the main side effects of trying fad diets is actually weight gain. Here we have discussed further how diet fads can harm our bodies:

Slowed Metabolism and Weight Gain

Many diet fads include basically starving your body into losing extra weight. However, what may happen then is your body clings to each calorie you ingest as a survival tactic. Diets cut so many calories out of your daily needs, that instead of increasing the speed of your metabolism to burn fat, it slows it down to conserve energy. Healthier diets encourage people to eat smaller and more frequent meals each day to keep energy and metabolism moving.

Your doctor at Atlantis Medical Wellness & Weight Loss center may suggest eating more nutrient-packed and dense whole foods at each meal, such as a protein source, vegetables, fruit, and whole grains. Lean proteins, low fat meals, hearty and quality carbs, in addition to plenty of water, can influence weight loss more naturally.

Rapid Weight Loss Puts Heart At-Risk

Have you followed a diet fad and found that maybe you lost weight initially (or not at all), but then couldn’t keep it off? Do not be embarrassed if your answer is yes to this, because you are not alone. Rapid weight gain can have a harmful impact on our body. When someone drops weight too quickly, they may be putting themselves at a higher health risk. For example, studies show that yo-yo dieting is linked to a higher cardiovascular disease risk.

Lose weight the safe way for your heart! If this message resonates with you, then please consider taking us up on a free brief initial consultation about Weight Loss in Bethesda, Maryland with a member of our compassionate staff!

Fad Diets Can Leave Your Body Dehyrdated

Stepping on the scale and seeing that you have lost weight may give you a jolt of excitement now, however, if you shed the weight because of a fad diet, then you are probably losing water weight and not fat. The people who made fad diets created them so the first week you put yourself on a diet you may lose a few pounds, making you believe that it is truly working. But, what really occurs is your body has lost water weight so quickly that you have become dehydrated in the process.

If you want to learn how to lose weight the right way (without yo-yo dieting, fasting, or other harmful diet fads), then please call us about Bethesda, MD Weight Loss at Atlantis Medical Wellness & Weight Loss center for more information! 

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