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Weight Loss Burtonsville MD Weight Loss Burtonsville MD

As way may tell patients during a consultation for Weight Loss Burtonsville MD residents trust at Atlantis Medical Wellness & Weight Loss center, diet fads just don’t work. While you may lose some weight initially and quickly, the results are rarely lasting. We suggest a different approach of working with a physician so that you get a plan that is catered to you, and any medical conditions can be addressed within your weight loss plan. We strongly encourage people who want to lose weight to consider speaking with a member of our team today, as we know how harmful diet fads can be on the human body. We can provide personalized information on how to achieve the results you want, and for the long-term!

Here are just a few reasons why advocate against diet fad culture:

Your Body Feels Fatigued

When we are thirsty or hungry, we tend to become fatigued and unmotivated. THis is because when our body lacks food or water, it sends us messages that there is an issue and we should do something about it. Many trendy diets do not give our body the fuel it requires, which can worsen fatigue even more so. And when you are tired, you probably don’t feel like exercising either, so it becomes a vicous cycle. So then, you become someone who is thirsty, tired, and unmotivated, which does not help with weight loss.

You Lose Muscle

Another leading reason why fad diets are a problem is that they may encourage you to change eating habits by cutting calories and then not getting enough exercise. Restrictive diets in combination with little to no exercise may cause you to lose a few pounds initially, however, you are losing both fat and muscle by doing so. Having muscle mass is imperative to maintaining your weight loss, as lean muscle boosts metabolism. Our programs for Weight Loss in Burtonsville, Maryland will ensure that you keep lean muscle while still losing weight.

Cutting Calories Slows Metabolism
When you cut your daily intake of calories way down, your body will react, but probably not in the way you hoped for. Fad diets often entail reducing your calories drastically, which will in turn slow down your metabolism so energy is conserved. This is why healthier diets suggest that people eat several smaller but well-balanced meals each day, so the body is getting energy and metabolism stays up.

Your Body Can Get Dehydrated

Trust us when we say that dropping weight rapid fast through a diet fad may make you happy now, but it was not created for lasting results. Even if you shed up to ten pounds the first week or two, you are likely losing water weight that will be easy to gain back. We are here to tell you that there is no diet fad out there that is good for your body, keeps you hydrated, and keeps the weight off. We can create a personalized weight loss plan based on your body and needs.

Don’t compare yourself to those who preach diet fads on the internet. Instead, speak with a member of our team about how we can get you on the right path to lasting and healthy weight loss. If you are interested in hearing more about our Burtonsville, Maryland Weight Loss programs, call Atlantis Medical Wellness & Weight Loss center today!

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