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Here at Atlantis Medical Wellness & Weight Loss center, we have heard about the many diet fads for Weight Loss College Park MD residents have tried in the past, with little to no lasting results. A fad diet is a trendy approach to weight loss that may promise extreme, easy, and quick weight loss. Just a few examples of diet fads that we know don’t actually work, including alkaline diets, baby food diets, Paleolithic diets, juice cleanses, gluten-free diets, fasts, and more.

While these may be tempting, keep in mind that companies who run these advertisements only want to lure you so they can make some money. At our clinic, the priority is getting you the results you want without putting your body through harmful and ineffective fad diets.

Why Fad Diets Are Bad

There are many reasons why fad diets are not good for you. Firstly, they do not address the issues that have caused you to gain extra weight in the first place. So after you are done with the fad diet, chances are, you are going to put that right back on once old eating habits start up again. Secondly, fad diets often include eliminating an entire group or type of foods, which can cause deficiency in nutrients. Fad diets can also leave you dehydrated, fatigued, and unmotivated. If you aren’t sure whether a weight loss approach is a fad diet, here are signs that it probably is:

  • Labeling certain foods as “bad”
  • Claims you can lose weight easily and quickly
  • Claims you don’t have to exercise
  • Certain food items are highly emphasized (such as maple syrup, soup, etc.)
  • Requires that you take dietary supplements that have “metabolism booster”, “fat burner”, or “weight loss aid” labels on them

Let’s Talk About Calories

In a fad diet, calories are commonly viewed as being bad and make claims that you should drastically cut how much you eat in a day. There is a difference between understanding how many calories your personal body needs and purposefully starving it in order to achieve fast results. Some people end up developing what is called “yo-yo” cycling, where they gain and lose weight again and again without keeping it consistent overtime. Unfortunately, this may increase someone’s chances of developing a serious condition, such as diabetes or cardiovascular disease. If you want to lose weight and keep it off, then call us about Weight Loss College Park in Maryland today. 

The Biggest Takeaway

If there is one thing we want you to learn from this article, it is that you should consider eliminating the word “diet” from your mind. You may have to make necessary changes to your lifestyle in order to maintain a healthy weight where you are getting the nutrients you need, stay hydrated, and overall feel good in your body. With support from our team, we can get you there! Call Atlantis Medical Wellness & Weight Loss center to schedule a free initial consultation for MD Weight Loss in College Park. 

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