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Welcome to Atlantis Medical Wellness Center – Serving Columbia, Maryland (MD)

At Atlantis Medical Wellness Center, when it comes to Weight Loss Columbia MD residents trust, we always keep in mind that every body is different. We are aware that weight loss is not as straightforward as many think, and it is so much more than trying to eat less and exercise more frequently. As weight loss specialists, we firmly believe that a successful weight loss program must be tailored to meet the needs of that person, including their goals and lifestyle.

No matter what weight you want to lose, we can establish a custom program based on your preferences and physiology. We have helped many people in this community reach their weight loss goals, in addition to teaching them the skills they need to maintain changes for the long-term.

What should be my primary focus during the weight loss program?

It may seem like changing your diet and exercising is easy, but it often takes much more effort than people realize. For example, if you were to choose any “diet fad” out there right now, most people would think that as long as they follow the instructions word-for-word they will see results. Why wouldn’t that be true? But, diet fads do not always work for everyone because as we have already said, every person’s body is different.

Some diets may say to avoid carbs, others say to avoid meat, others say to exercise enough so you burn more calories than you eat. By avoiding certain foods your body could be missing out on much needed nutrients and energy sources. And, if you were to focus on exercising to lose all the calories you ingested at each meal, you would have to work out for hours and hours daily. This system just isn’t realistic for those who have to go to work and have responsibilities.

Your primary focus during our Columbia, MD Weight Loss program should be to stay in communication with your physician and be open and honest about how the program is working for you. We understand that if you stray from the recommendations we have provided for you in your weight loss program that you may have feelings of guilt and shame. But you can rest assured we are not here to judge, and can empathize with how challenging weight loss can be. Thankfully, you have a great team of people on your side every step of the way. 

Is it safe to take diet pills and follow strict food plans?

If you consider all the programs on the market right now for weight loss, most of them are actually unhealthy and quite harmful to your body. In particular, diet pills can adversely impact a person’s health, and often does not result in long lasting changes. Diet pills contain harmful drugs, are not regulated by the FDA, and have not been proven to be effective scientifically. The potential flaw with following a strict food plan is that it doesn’t take into consideration exercise, your overall health, and how to manage your weight after you have achieved your goals. 

Please contact a friendly and compassionate member of our team by calling Atlantis Medical Wellness Center today about Maryland Weight Loss in Columbia!

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