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At Atlantis Medical Wellness Center, during a consultation for Weight Loss Kensington MD resident trust, our clients may ask us about whether diet pills are a good idea or not. Despite having become increasingly popular over the years, diet pills and other weight loss supplements should be avoided. These fads are marketed as being a quick and magical solution, when in fact, they come with very dangerous potential side effects. In other words, it is not worth the risks to take diet pills for weight loss. 

Why Diet Pills are Dangerous

Diet pills are not a natural or healthy solution, regardless of how the company markets the product. There have been several cases over the year where the claims by producers of diet pills have shown to be false. And because diet pills are not FDA regulated, it is almost impossible to know what is actually in that product. It can also be difficult to figure out how your system will respond to the ingredients. Diet pills have been linked to side effects such as headaches, insomnia, and dependence on the product.

You may have heard about pills that do things such as absorb fat or make other changes to the body. These products are not much better than diet pill fads. While they do redirect and push fat out through the colon, the pill hinders the body from absorbing nutrients in the fat that our body needs (such as vitamin A, D, and E). When working with us at the Atlantic Medical Wellness Center, you can trust that we have your best of interest in mind during your Kensington, MD Weight Loss program.

What To Do Instead of Taking Diet Pills

The human body is complex, and ingesting risky products can cause your internal system to become imbalanced. What you can do instead of taking diet pills is obtain support and guidance from a physician at our clinic. We can give you information on how to live a healthy and balanced lifestyle while warding against conditions such as diabetes, heart disease, high blood pressure, obesity, and more.

To fuel your body for activity, we suggest eating foods that are high in nutritional value. Eating recipes that have clean ingredients can help reduce intake of items that are not good for you. For instance, we may suggest finding alternatives to refined sugar when baking or cooking. It is equally important to keep your body moving too, so finding physical activities you would enjoy doing on a regular basis can help prevent you from getting burnt out on exercise. If the ways you get your body moving are fun for you, then they will not feel like a chore that you have to get done.

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We strongly advise avoiding diet pills and other fads that can wreak havoc on your body. Call Atlantic Medical Wellness Center today for more information about how a program for Weight Loss in Kensington, Maryland can be created uniquely for you!

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