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Adult Acne Treatment: Handling Acne as an Adult

Adult Acne Treatment: Handling Acne as an Adult

Dealing with acne as an adult can be a frustrating, difficult process. Acne is typically a problem many people are relieved of after their teenage years; however, many people still experience acne problems far beyond high school. Luckily, there is treatment out there that can help to halt adult acne. If you’re looking for adult acne treatment in Maryland, Northern Virginia and Washington, DC, get some great tips from Atlantis Medical Wellness Center and then call us today to schedule your consultation!


Think microdermabrasion is just a beauty treatment? Think again! It is also a great option for adult acne treatment. Microdermabrasion helps clear dead skin, the same dead skin that can contribute to acne. It unclogs your pores and can also help with scarring if that is a problem for you. Not to mention it is very relaxing!

Light & Laser Treatment

Light and laser adult acne treatments are a high-tech way to deal with severe acne. These work by targeting the bacteria that causes acne and eliminating it. This might sound like it would hurt but it’s actually a painless method of adult acne treatment. It’s also a very effective option – in a study, users saw an 81 percent decrease in acne lesions after eight treatments.

Topical Treatment

This is what you’re probably used to when it comes to over-the-counter adult acne treatment: lotions, toners or washers that are applied directly to the skin. Drugstore options work for some people, but the amount of acne-fighting compounds is limited in over-the-counter products. Doctors can prescribe topical treatments with high concentrations of these acne-fighting solutions, which might work better for people with severe acne.

Chemical Peels

Similar to microdermabrasion, chemical peels remove the dull, top layers of facial skin that could be contributing to your acne. This is a non-invasive adult acne treatment and it does not require any recovery time. It is also painless – most people only experience a tingling sensation. Although chemical peels might seem like they would be skin-irritating, they actually aren’t!

Adult Acne Treatment in Maryland, Northern Virginia & Washington, DC

If you’re looking for the best adult acne treatment in Maryland, Northern Virginia or Washington, DC, then come to Atlantis Medical Wellness Center. We offer the clearCONCEPT acne treatment program, which can include all of the above treatments and more! We’ll take a detailed look at your skin and specific acne issues to determine the best methods of treatment. Not everyone’s skin is the same, so not everyone will respond to certain treatments! We’ll determine the best adult acne treatments for you. Learn more about adult acne treatment at Atlantis Medical Wellness Center and then give us a call to schedule your free initial consultation!

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