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Hair Loss Therapy

Hair Loss Therapy in Maryland, Virginia, & Washington, DC

We get that there is an emotional toll hair loss can take on a person. This is not always appreciated by many healthcare practitioners. We get it. And we’re here to help. Dr. Gonzalez has a very direct and practical approach to hair restoration. Too many people and practitioners focus on the hair and scalp itself. We focus on the underlying metabolic and physical issues that can cause hair loss.

Hair loss can be a difficult condition to treat for most practitioners and at best is random. We are purposeful in our approach to hair loss treatment and your overall health is key.

The Facts about Hair Loss Therapy

  1. Hair loss can be an indication of an underlying hormone imbalance. We check that directly.
  2. Hair loss frequently occurs due to an imbalance in thyroid or micronutrient deficiency. No amount of “special hair growth shampoo” can fix that.
  3. In some people, hair loss is caused by a stronger version of testosterone called DHT. Only people with DHT-sensitive hair follicles will see a correlation between their testosterone/DHT levels and hair loss.
  4. Cortisol levels that are too high or too low are sometimes responsible for hair loss. Addressing how stress affects the body directly can decrease hair loss.
  5. Simply replacing one or two vitamins or other micronutrients may temporarily help but both micronutrient and hormone evaluation and balance must be done.
  6. Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP) Therapy can be a powerful tool in the regrowth of scalp blood vessels and health hair follicles.

Methods of Treatment

We work with you to determine your best course of treatment. To that end, we make sure that your questions are answered and that your treatment options are discussed in detail before proceeding with the steps listed below. With your input, treatment generally proceeds as follows:

  • We check your thyroid levels via lab testing. Our doctors will prescribe treatment if you are diagnosed with a thyroid imbalance. Hair loss will stop two to three weeks after thyroid levels are restored if this is the sole cause of your hair loss.
  • Since anemia is a common cause of hair loss, we check your iron storage levels via lab testing. If you are iron-deficient, our doctors will provide you with instructions for supplementation.
  • We screen your overall body’s antioxidant levels with direct biophotonic scan evaluation to give you a more specific idea how to approach your diet and supplementation.
  • Our doctors will provide you with a list of supplements that improve hair quality. Instead of you taking multiple bottles of supplements that may not be effective, we recommend focused and high quality sources.
  • We will check your adrenal function for production of cortisol that is too high or too low. If warranted, our doctors will recommend treatment.
  • When appropriate recommend unique, specific and effective medicated shampoos and conditioners that actually work for long term improvement when coordinated with proper hormone and micronutrient therapy.
  • If hair loss persists, and testosterone sensitivity is suspected, our doctors can treat the problem locally at the hair follicle with a prescription shampoo.
  • Light therapy can be useful. However, if the underlying cause is not identified, light therapy can be a big waste.
  • Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP) treatments can improve hair loss issues dramatically and long term. We have the most advanced PRP techniques that include a full metabolic workup.

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