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Functional Based Nutrition with Cari Verde, MS, CNS, LDN

This is the era of evidence-based personalized nutrition, which means is there is no single “right diet” for everyone. What is healthy for one person, may be unhealthy for another, based on our genetics, lifestyle, dietary preferences, microbiome, and so much more.

Food is information that tells the body how each cell how to function. The information provided to our cells, either lead to chronic disease or to health and vitality. Given that nutrition advice seems to change regularly, how do you know what to eat, when to eat it, and if your body is using it properly?

Athena Nutrition applies the latest science and research, helping you to eliminate the confusion and dispel fact from fiction. Not only will you learn what foods and nutrients work best for your but, but why!

Cari uses a functional approach to design personalized health and wellness programs that provide metabolic repair, body composition improvements, and disease prevention. Through individualized plans, she provides targeted strategies for diet, exercise, and nutritional supplementation. Cari is also an expert in analyzing blood chemistry and hormonal balance. After a thorough review and assessment of each patient, she provides easy-to-follow, habit changing, therapeutic programs, and lifestyle modification techniques.

One day dietary fat is considered “the enemy” and the next it’s considered “your friend.” Unfortunately, it’s not that simple. Cari’s extensive training helps to navigate this confusing and ever-changing information, providing you with the understanding and tools you need to succeed. Her nutrition philosophy is based on the fact that food, both healthy and unhealthy, and our lifestyles provide information to instruct body. These instructions extend to the cellular level, impacting metabolic function, the immune system, nerve impulses, and so much more. Because of each person’s individuality, slightly different information or nutritional input is required. Research shows that people have a variable response to the same food. Certain foods may be healthy for one person and unhealthy for another.

Health is far more complex than “calories in verses calories out.” Personalized nutrition takes into account your unique biochemistry, genetics, and lifestyle factors to uncover the root cause that may be contributing to your condition. Get an individualized nutrition plan based on your specific medical and health needs. We’ll partner with you to determine the best plan for your goals, whether you simply want to shed a few pounds, change your habits, or have complex health concerns.

Generic cookie cutter approaches don’t work with chronic or complex issues. Whether you are looking for help in changing habits, losing weight, fixing digestive discomfort, mitigating autoimmunity, managing blood sugar, improving cognition, decreasing inflammation, increasing energy, or managing chronic disease, you’ll receive a customized program to restore balance and help you feel better.

What is the functional approach?

The functional approach asks, “WHY and HOW did these symptoms, conditions, illnesses, diseases, or even weight loss resistance occur.” The ultimate goal is finding “Root Cause Resolution” and restoring homeostasis (balance) for each unique individual. The traditional approach stops short at the diagnosis, only progressing most often with a one-size-fits-all band-aid approach, merely masking the symptoms and correcting nothing.

Rather than viewing the body as a collection of separate parts (i.e., digestive, nervous, & circulatory systems), the functional approach views body as an interconnected system. Dysfunction in one system will affect those others.

Why does eczema, diabetes, high blood pressure, low thyroid function, or acid reflux exist? The “why” is likely different for each individual, resulting in the need to explore the relationships between diet, lifestyle, biological systems, genetics, and the environment to promote healing.

Hypothyroidism is an excellent example of how the conventional approach to a medical condition falls short, ignoring the problem’s underlying cause. Usually, a screening thyroid lab test is done (TSH), but other essential parts of the underlying cause are not assessed. A single synthetic medicine is generally prescribed based on that single screening test, all while ignoring the underlying cause. Cari understands this concept. Her advanced training allows her to find the underlying cause of a medical issue and focus on personalized solutions with a functional approach.

The reality is most conditions stem from several different causes or factors, not just one. Additionally, a single condition likely stems from other reasons in different people.

Using this individualized, patient-centered, science-based method allows patients and practitioners to work together in a therapeutic partnership to address the root causes of disease and promote optimal wellness.

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