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Bioidentical Testosterone Therapy for Men

Bioidentical Testosterone Therapy for Men in Maryland, Virginia, & Washington, DC

You see all the TV marketing for testosterone and erectile dysfunction medications and supplements. Celebrities giving advice on hormone health. One sad and even dangerous example seen recently was a pseudo-expert on nutrition who has no medical nutrition training and pushes a single type of coffee as an answer to health problems giving advice on their blog site about how to take certain brain and sexual health medications. Actual medical advice with dosing recommendations. This is dangerous. Unfortunately, people listen as noted in the over 900 comments on the blog. Sadly, these do not describe the importance of evaluation and the support to sustain healthy testosterone levels in your body. Worse, you see the marketing for “testosterone booster supplements” that have ingredients that can be dangerous. Again, these do not focus on actual hormone support in the body let alone sustainability. Men need testosterone balance. Better aging includes testosterone therapy AND proper nutrition support. Supporting your body’s ability to make testosterone is KEY. We’ll restore your testosterone to healthy levels and we’ll do it the right way: Focused on your overall safety and health from a properly trained physician’s perspective.

We’ll restore your testosterone to healthy levels and we’ll do it the right way: Focused on your overall safety and health from a properly trained physician’s perspective.

The Facts about Bioidentical Testosterone Therapy for Men

  1. Injections, creams, and pellets are all great options. Which to begin with depends on a properly individualized evaluation. Many times, beginning with one option as your body settles in to the proper dose and fixing other metabolic issues can be a great transition to a more long-term solution.

  2. Going to a clinic for injections is unnecessary. They are easy to perform yourself, and we provide the simple training and information you need to do just that. Pellets are a fantastic way to have long term sustained levels. New studies now show a simple small injection into the fat is just s effective as the deeper injections into the muscle.

  3. Can’t stand needles? If injections simply aren’t an option for you, topical cream compounded at a suitable strength is another solution. This can mimic even closer to the normal way your body produces and releases testosterone in your body daily.

  4. Taking testosterone by mouth is unsafe. Also, if your body is in a more unpredictable state of testosterone production pellets may not be the best way to begin testosterone therapy treatments.

  5. Results are typically felt in as little as 2 to 4 weeks. For most men, symptoms of low testosterone will be resolved completely in 4 to 8 weeks.

  6. Testosterone therapy isn’t just about testosterone. We manage estrogen, DHEA, and other hormone levels, too.

  7. Safe and effective treatment means regular monitoring. At minimum you’ll lab test two times per year, see the doctor one time per year, and we’ll check in with you at regular intervals.

  8. Testosterone therapy works best when all hormones are optimized. If there are imbalances in DHEA, thyroid, growth hormone, cortisol, or pregnenolone, we have appropriate solutions available.

  9. We give you a full 20 to 35-page color coded report describing your priorities in overall approach to improved metabolism while you are on any typed of hormone therapy.

Methods of

Men need a lot of testosterone to feel good. There are two ways to get enough into your body on a consistent basis.

Testosterone Injections.

If you are worried about needles we teach you how to use them or provide simple but effective alternatives.

  • Injections provide a pre-set, measured amount of testosterone. In other words, they are very precise.
  • With twice or three times a week injections, your body will receive a steady supply of testosterone. No peaks and valleys.
  • With injections, there is less conversion of testosterone to DHT. This means less stress on the prostate and a lower incidence of hair loss.
  • Self-administered injections are simple and painless when using a small needle.

Testosterone Topical Cream

Testosterone cream has its benefits, particularly for men who prefer not to use needles.

  • Topical cream provides a consistent release of testosterone into the body and is more natural to your body’s daily output of testosterone.  Proper administration and use by you provides steady daily absorptioncan.
  • Even when custom-compounded at a high strength, some men may have a difficult time absorbing enough testosterone through their skin to achieve optimal levels. We identify these men early and find appropriate alternatives.
  • Caution must be exercised to ensure that transference does not occur through skin-to-skin contact with other people.

Alternative Methods of Treatments

Testosterone Pellets

Testosterone pellet placement is a near painless minor procedure surgically placed under the skin. They release testosterone for about three to 6 months, and then have to be replaced. Besides requiring a minor surgical procedure pellets may have some minor limitations:

  • Pellets have the potential to release testosterone at a rapid rate for the first several weeks and then later, not enough. The result can be a rollercoaster ride in how you feel.
  • If you are beginning testosterone replacement for the first time creams and/or injections may be best to start with to see how your body initially responds. Once we establish proper response you can then transition to pellets. We learn how to balance your body and the hormones by reviewing labs and observing your response initially.
  • Not everyone who starts therapy is totally drained of hormones. Your body is at a different rate of decrease of hormone levels depending on age and stress levels. It is best to have the ability to adjust.
  • Because equilibrium is difficult to achieve for testosterone, managing estrogen on a consistent basis is a challenge.
  • Lab testing for testosterone and estrogen can be unreliable. Always seek the advice of a medical professional trained and experienced in optimizing hormone replacement without excess.

Testosterone Patches

Testosterone patches are commercially produced patches that are usually applied to the scrotum. Like pellets, they have limitations:

  • Though they provide good time release, they tend to be—as you can imagine—quite uncomfortable.
  • They commonly cause skin irritation.
  • Dosing is typically inadequate, and can’t be fine-tuned.

We care about your health, wellness, and prevention of disease. Allow us to balance all three.

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