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Medical Weight Loss

Medical Weight Loss Programs in Maryland

Our weight loss experts will customize a plan that fits your lifestyle.

We approach all patients from an integrative and functional medicine approach to health. Whether it is for weight loss, hormone replacement, or preparation for an aesthetic procedure, we want an optimal outcome that is long lasting.

Our Medical Weight Loss Programs

What if there was a way to burn pure body fat, shed over a pound of weight a day, and curb your hunger? What used to sound too good to be true is finally a reality. The revolutionary VLCD Protocol uses powerful peptides and amino acid supplements to satiate hunger and burn fat. On this weight loss treatment, you can lose as much weight as that lost after bariatric surgery without the risk. 

The focus of this 30-day physician-supervised weight loss program is to improve your metabolism and promote more lean muscle maintenance through innovative meal replacements and supplements. Our Clinical Nutritionist will work directly with you. Ideal if you are looking to improve your metabolism for long term weight loss but need a less rigid weight loss alternative.

Like many diet buzzwords, the Ketogenic Diet or “Keto” Diet is an old discussion marketed to be a new thing. The ketogenic approach is a way of eating that trains your body to use fats as the primary source of energy rather than carbohydrates (sugar).

Cari Verde, MS, CNS, our nutritionist, uses a functional approach to design personalized prevention, treatment, and intervention programs incorporating diet, exercise, nutritional supplementation and micronutrient recommendations.

We offer a variety of nutritional supplements for weight loss. For instance, our Control Bars can manage blood sugar levels for an unprecedented nine hours, making them perfect for patients on the go! Products like LifePak and g3 are supplements you can also use with your weight loss treatment.

This two minute, no-needle test checks your antioxidant levels. While there’s no direct correlation between antioxidants and weight loss, eating foods like fruits and vegetables, which are rich in antioxidants, do promote weight loss!

Feeling powerless when it comes to eating can be a significant weight loss roadblock. Athena LDN CONTROL is designed to give you CONTROL, putting the brakes on food cravings and the addictive-like desire to overeat. Combined with an individualized diet, high-quality full-spectrum CBD, targeted supplements and a support team, Athena LDN CONTROL puts you in the driver’s seat to make the permanent changes necessary for long-term weight loss and wellness.

It turns out if we focus on your health rather than your weight; “weight loss” becomes a good side effect rather than a focus. This results in improved long-term success.

Our Philosophy

At Atlantis, we firmly believe that “diets” fail the general public and contribute to overweight issues.  We believe in OPTIMAL HEALTH at any age and any size. And, firmly believe the Body-Mass Index (BMI) Charts are nearly worthless and do not reflect your overall health. Instead, we focus on your overall functional physiology and health. We believe internal inflammation is the root cause of most disease and premature aging.

Our focus is on decreasing your risk for disease by coming up with a plan WITH you, not for you. In other words, we will not dictate to you what to do, rather we will work with you to identify health issues and find ways to eliminate those issues.

Our Approach

Any and all metabolism improvement programs begin with a health history and an initial health assessment of a full functional metabolic lab panel. We do not treat lab results or numbers. Rather, we look at how you are feeling, what your current lifestyles, likes and dislikes are, and correlate that with your lab results. We come up with a plan to optimize your results. Please Review Dr. González’s note titled “Everything is Normal.”

We then look at your specific goals and come up with an individualized plan to allow for long term success. We have specific tools such as the hCG Protocol or meal replacement programs that help individuals improve metabolism safely and rapidly. But these tools are not for everybody and may not apply to you. We have a very high success rate in the most difficult situations.

We do not bill insurance. We support Health Savings Accounts (HSA) and Federal Savings Accounts (FSA). We do write Medical Letters of Necessity you can submit to your insurance company for reimbursement. Many health insurance plans support wellness and weight management programs.

What to do now?

Call 301-622-2722 to make an initial 15-minute telephone consultation appointment with our medical specialist.
At the same time there will be an initial evaluation and discussion of options for the next step.

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