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Bad Advice From Your Doctor

Bad Advice From Your Doctor

A Dose of Truth Video 1: Bad Advice from your Doctor


Eating more fruits, vegetables, exercising more and eating less is poor advice from your doctor. You hear that advice when you go to the gym and talk to personal trainers, you hear it from the government. But, let me explain why it’s poor advice from your doctors. We have been hearing this advice for decades, yet this country’s obesity rate has consistently risen over the decades. So, why are we not losing weight? Let’s say for example you have a bad base diet. When you go out to eat or across the street to grab a bite, you don’t make good decisions. Then, at home you have bad snacks and then decide to eat more fruits or vegetables on top of your poor diet. Have you really changed your diet and made a true change? No, you haven’t.

What you really need to do is change the base of your diet. Change the poor habits in the first place. Replace some of those poor things with fruits and vegetables and lean proteins so that the base is cleaner. For example, I eat pretty clean and am consistent with good snacking throughout the day. But, last night I had a big bowl of icecream. Zero guilt. Why? Because my base diet is good. If it’s good then you can add the icecream or the cake once in a while as long as it’s not your base. Change your base and you’ll have overall improved metabolism.

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