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Botox…is it for you?

Botox…is it for you?

Did you know that Botox was actually developed to cure crossed eyes back in the 1970s? By the 1990s Botox was being used for cosmetic therapy. Now Botox has been used by more than 11 million men and women to not only improve the look of moderate to severe lines but to also relieve back and headache pain.

Let’s talk about the most common use of Botox…to make the face appear to be more youthful. When Botox is injected into the muscles it relaxes them, reducing muscle activity that causes facial lines. Typical areas done are between the eyebrows (known as the “11s”), crow’s feet, and forehead.

Botox sometimes gets a bad rap because of overdone celebrities. However, when done right and by an experienced health care professional familiar with the muscular structure of the facial area, the results can be very natural-looking.

Why do we get these not-so-young-looking lines in the first place? Well, as we age our elasticity decreases which means our skin does not hold its youthful shape as well. So the old expression of “don’t make that face or your face will freeze like that” is somewhat true.

Typically, Botox will last most people 3-4 months.  The more consistent you are with your treatments the longer you can go between treatments.

By doing regular treatments you actually cause atrophy, weakening of the muscle, which prevents you from making those lines that you are trying so hard not to have.

What Botox Cannot Do

Botox will not completely erase lines and wrinkles already present.  It may help reduce the visibility of those lines and help prevent them from becoming deeper.

At Atlantis Medical Wellness Center, our goal is to listen to what you want to have done and set some realistic results for you. Botox placement is an art form and an understanding of the facial structure of each individual patient. And remember, stay well hydrated, protect your skin from sun damage, and get your skin antioxidants measured.

If you are interested in learning more about Botox, join us for an informative session followed by individual consultations on February 26, 2013 at 5:30pm at Atlantis Medical Wellness Center-12200 Tech Rd. Suite 600, Silver Spring, MD 20904. Call (301)622-2722 to sign up or to schedule an appointment.

Rich Long, R.N.

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