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CBD and Inflammation

CBD and Inflammation

[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text](This is the transcript from WCBM Radio Dr. Gonzalez’s weekly 4-minute radio spot “DrG’s Corner” July 26th, 2020)

(Top Gun Theme music begins playing)

Gary Stein“Welcome Dr. Gonzalez! DrG! It is great to have you on again! The music is bringing you in! I understand you are going to talk about inflammation in the body and how CBD was compared with steroids in a study.”

Dr. Gonzalez: “Thank you for having me! I am glad there are people like Eryck Stamper who is helping with opening the eyes of legislation to allow CBD as a tool for treating our veterans.”

“I am Dr. Ben Gonzalez and this is DrG’s Corner.”

“Inflammation. That word is thrown around a lot. Inflammation usually gets a bad rap… but it is an important defense mechanism in your immune system for healing and fighting off disease. When your body detects an intruder like bacteria, a virus, a bee sting or other injury, ….. it launches an acute immune response to fight off that disease or intruder. Where inflammation goes bad is when your immune system attacks your own body like in many autoimmune diseases like Hashimoto’s disease, Type I diabetes, arthritis, Lyme’s disease syndrome, and heart disease. This chronic inflammation can progress to other diseases including cancers. It is important to understand that many chronic diseases are very preventable. Obesity, Type II diabetes, a poor diet high in simple sugars and meats or processed fast foods all contribute to chronic inflammation.”

“One of the most powerful components of a full spectrum CBD oil is its anti-inflammatory effects and there are studies that support these powerful anti-inflammatory effects. This is truly relevant to the current issue of COVID-19 infection. It turns out there is a powerful acute inflammatory response with COVID infection and pretty much any acute viral or bacterial infection called a “cytokine storm.” In short a “cytokine storm” is a syndrome found in severe cases of infection of excess inflammation, swelling, severe pain and organ damage. The immune system can ramp up so much that it starts killing the body’s own cells. One of the tools we use in medicine to fight off this type of reaction are steroids. You know this if you have moderate to severe asthma you know what inflammation is in the lungs and you probably use some sort of steroid inhaler to fight of the inflammation. “

“It turns out there are studies that show that using a full spectrum CBD oil can work just as well and even better than using steroids to fight off damaging inflammation and the cytokine storm. It is important to note that the CBD oil must be a high-quality full spectrum CBD that includes the terpenes. Terpenes are those compounds that provide the aroma and earthy taste to the CBD oil. All the compounds in CBD work together in fighting inflammation, helping with anxiety, sleep, nerve healing, improved brain function and more. This research, out of Israel where there are a great deal of CBD research in medicine, is showing 2 to 3 times more effective than steroids in decreasing inflammation and the cytokine storm. That is powerful. Think of the improved recovery times and less damage to the body overall.”

“This is important and spills over into other chronic inflammation issues. Imagine the long-term damage with the chronic inflammation of autoimmune diseases This is why I recommend using a full spectrum CBD oil in many disease processes I see in my patients. The studies are still ongoing and show great promise.”

“For more information about CBD oil use for inflammation you can message me directly on IG at bengonzalez_md. You can also look for more information on my website or call the clinic to set up a telephone consultation with me at 301-622-2722.”

Dr. Gonzalez:  “So, Gary, I am very excited about these studies. They are showing what we have already seen clinically in practice.”

Gary Stein: “That is awesome!” Well we only have 15 seconds left. Can you tell us about side effect differences between CBD and steroids?

Dr. Gonzalez:  “Sure! Steroids are powerful tools that help with many medical conditions. Side effects include nausea, weight gain, anxiety, trouble sleeping. With a high quality CBD the side effect profile is very low. In fact, it helps improve many of the side effects of other medications including chemotherapy.

Gary Stein: “As always that was amazing! It is great to hear from you and I think there are some important and valuable future discussions on what you said today. As always everybody! Dr. Ben Gonzalez and DrG’s Corner! Thank you!”


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