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DrG’s 4 Tips To Managing Chronic Nerve Pain

DrG’s 4 Tips To Managing Chronic Nerve Pain

[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text](This is the transcript from WCBM Radio Dr. Gonzalez’s weekly 4-minute radio spot “DrG’s Corner” June 6th, 2020)

Gary Stien: “Welcome Dr. Gonzalez! It is great to have you on each week. Last week’s discussion on Anxiety, PTSD and CBD oil was awesome! Today in “DrG’S Corner” segment you are going to talk about Chronic Nerve Pain. So without further ado, talk to us!”

Dr. Gonzalez: “So first, let’s start with some quick definitions. Pain is your body’s normal reaction to an injury or illness warning your body that something is wrong. Usually, when your body heals, that pain goes away. But for some people, that NERVE pain persists when the cause is gone or been eliminated……. And if that pain persists for more than 3 months, that is CHRONIC NERVE pain. Chronic pain is a life-changing, debilitating issue for many of your listeners. Chronic pain can hit at ANY AGE, AT ANY TIME, and from MULTIPLE TRIGGERS………Anything from a simple inciting injury like a minor car accident to a major injury from a bad fall.”

“Disease processes such as diabetes, thyroid problems, heart disease, and other chronic medical conditions can trigger chronic NERVE pain. Being overweight and obese can initiate and perpetuate chronic pain of any kind. ……Many times, the cause is unknown. Like the caller last week who talked about her trigeminal neuralgia, a chronic NERVE pain caused by the disruption of the nerves in her face, sometimes… we simply do not know why it happens to some people and not to others. AND THIS IS ANOTHER THING IMPORTANT TO UNDERSTAND: Routine aging the natural process of aging..…… as your hormones change with the natural aging process of menopause or the decrease in testosterone levels…. That can all trigger chronic NERVE pain.

Let’s get to the 4 tips for managing chronic NERVE pain:

  1. Deep Breathing Exercises………. Find a quiet place, eliminate distractions ..I call this “Clearing the Deck” and take 5 to 10 minutes a day to focus on your breathing and relaxing state. There are plenty of free online sources that can help you find good breathing exercises and techniques. Don’t expect results the first time you do it. Like anything else practice and finding the right technique may take a little time. Once you make it a habit it can be a miracle.
  2. Cut back on Triggers…………….. Things like alcohol and tobacco increase nerve inflammation especially in the long run. That temporary “calming effect” people say they get from smoking is a lie. What that is is the temporary calming of that addiction to the poisons in the cigarette. Diet can be another trigger. Poor eating habits can lead to chronic NERVE pain. Decrease your meat intake, increase plants in your diet, stop late-night eating, and snacking on junk and sugar. All of these can keep that pain going. As I like to say..”What you eat either kills the disease or feeds into it.”
  3. Here is a good one that can help both you and your doctor. TRACK your pain. Log or journal your daily pain levels and triggers. Take that log with you to your drs appointments. This can help both you and your doctor with clues to finding specific triggers and points of relief.
  4. And Finally, #4 Supplementation with anti-inflammatory molecules such as a specific chelated Mg, high quality omega fish oils, and one of my favorites: CBD oil. I have a large pain management population. Many are on multiple prescriptions and have even done surgical procedures to help relieve or minimize nerve pain. I have found a high-quality full-spectrum CBD oil can be as effective and even more effective than any of those interventions. NOT the grocery store/gas station kind. Dosing depends on what condition, age, and weight you are. It is best to speak to a physician knowledgeable in its use.”

There they are! Your 4 tips on managing NERVE Pain!

  1. Deep Breathing Exercises and Meditation
  2. Identifying and Eliminating Triggers
  3. Track Your Pain for You and Your Doctor
  4. High Quality Specific Supplementation to relieve inflammation like Chelated Magnesium, Specific Omega-3 Fish oils, and a trusted source of high quality CBD oil.

To make a telephone appointment to talk to me you can message me through Instagram @bengonzalez_md or @AtlantisMedCenter or call my clinic at 301-622-2722. Thank You!

Dr. Gonzalez

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