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Tips on Handling the Flu

tips on handling the flu

Tips on Handling the Flu

So, I am getting over a nasty viral cold. It is rare that I catch a cold but I am human (though my staff does not think so….). In general, my immune system is quite healthy. As a physician I get hit hard with patient inquiries, texts from family and friends for cold and flu advice. I frequently get asked for antibiotics. This article is a great discussion and goes along the lines of my advice for handling the flu.

Read the article here:

A few more DrG additions: Stay AHEAD of the illness. While you are healthy stay hydrated, eat plenty of fruits and veggies, have your Vitamin D levels checked and if they are low (anything less than 30 ng/ml) then take a daily Vitamin D supplement, especially through the winter. Bonus: Through the winter I take glycerol monolaurate (Lauricidin) twice a day, a medium chain fat that I have seen directly in my practice to not only boost the immune system but minimize and shorten symptoms of illness. 

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