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Healthy Halloween Snacks to Control your Candy Cravings

Healthy Halloween Snacks to Control your Candy Cravings

Halloween is a fun holiday for children and adults alike. After all, who doesn’t like getting dressed up in an awesome costume and going door-to-door for free candy?! Here at Atlantis Medical Wellness Center, we realize how the cravings you get for Halloween candy can be overwhelming. Here are some healthy Halloween snacks and alternatives you can try next time a craving hits!

Fruit: For the “Other” Sweet Tooth

Candy is perhaps one of the worst foods you can eat. It’s full of fat, it raises your blood sugar, and it’s loaded with refined sugar. So instead of reaching for that candy bar, try eating fresh fruit instead. For instance, are you craving a caramel apple like the ones you find at a lot of Halloween parties? Opt for a fresh apple with some low-sugar caramel sauce as dip on the side. This is a great alternative to candy, and it’s a healthy Halloween snack!

Dark Chocolate: A Surprisingly Healthy Halloween Snack

If you must go for chocolate, try dark chocolate! It’s lower in sugar than traditional milk chocolate, so it won’t completely ruin a day of healthy eating. The Mayans, the Incas and other ancient Latin American civilizations have known for thousands of years about the hidden health benefits of the cacao bean. Dark chocolate is one of the purist forms of this bean, making it high in antioxidants.

Just because dark chocolate is a healthy Halloween food,  doesn’t mean you can eat unlimited amounts of it! Keep your portions moderate, and stick to a small, 1-ounce square. You’ll be sure to satisfy your craving with this healthy Halloween snack, and you’ll be able to indulge without feeling guilty.

Pumpkins and Sweet Potatoes

Another healthy Halloween snack that tastes great is pumpkin! Loaded with Vitamin C, Vitamin A and fiber, this super food is bound to be a great supplement to any diet this fall. Try it in a smoothie, in oatmeal or even as part of a stuffing for meat or vegetables!

Also consider trying sweet potatoes. They are full of vitamins and fiber, and are a relatively easy substitution for a variety of starches. Try eating a baked sweet potato instead of your normal russet. If you’re making chicken noodle soup, put pieces of sweet potato in it instead of conventional white potatoes. This is one healthy Halloween snack that is so good, you won’t miss the candy!


Halloween is a time of temptation for many of us. It’s difficult to be surrounded by candy all the time, or to conduct festivities where chocolate and other sweets are the center of the activity. Next time you feel the urge to indulge, see if you can curb your craving with an alternative from our healthy Halloween snacks list! Don’t forget to also contact Atlantis Medical Wellness with any further questions regarding candy cravings this Halloween!


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