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How Much Does It Cost to See a Zepbound Doctor in Silver Spring?

Zepbound Doctor in Silver Spring

How Much Does It Cost to See a Zepbound Doctor in Silver Spring?

One of the newest options to hit the weight loss injection market is Zepbound. If you’ve done some research, you may know that these injections vary in cost.

Wondering how much you can expect to pay for this weight reduction treatment? Keep reading to learn how much it costs to see a Zepbound doctor in Silver Spring.

What Is Zepbound?

Zepbound is one of many weight loss injections available on the market today. It’s formulated with the active ingredient tirzepatide. This compound is a dual GLP-1 and GIP receptor agonist. In simple terms, it takes on weight loss from two different fronts.

The GLP-1 component promotes satiety while reducing appetite. This helps reduce calorie consumption and snacking. The GIP component enhances insulin secretion to improve fat and carbohydrate metabolism.

How Much Weight Will I Lose on Zepbound?

Everyone’s journey is unique. However, studies have found that the average person loses 15% to 20% of their body weight. But be aware that taking these injections won’t magically cause you to shed unwanted pounds.

Instead, you’ll need to make necessary lifestyle changes alongside injections. This means eating a healthy diet and exercising frequently. Your Zepbound doctor in Silver Spring will discuss how you can be the most successful when using weight loss injections.

How Much Does It Cost to See a Zepbound Doctor in Silver Spring?

There are many factors that impact how much you’ll pay for Zepbound, including where you live, the dosage strength, and if your insurance covers it. Without insurance, you can expect to pay anywhere from $500 to $1,500 for these injections. With insurance, your costs will likely be lower.

Come to Atlantis Medical Wellness & Weight Loss for Slimming Solutions That Work

Tirzepatide is a great option for anyone looking to slim down, and there are other options to help you achieve your goals. Whether you want to lose 20 pounds, 50 pounds, or more, our team at Atlantis Medical Wellness & Weight Loss is here to help you be successful.

Give us a call today at 301-658-7686 to schedule a weight management consultation! We offer comprehensive solutions including nutrition therapy with our clinical nutritionist Cari Verde.

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