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Low Testosterone Specialist Near Chevy Chase, Maryland

Low Testosterone Specialist Near Chevy Chase, Maryland

Low Testosterone Specialist Near Chevy Chase, Maryland: Who Needs One, and What Is Andropause?

Change is a natural part of life, and coping with that change can be difficult. One natural change that all humans undergo throughout their lives is the change in reproductive hormone levels.

At certain points in life, your hormone levels will increase and decrease. Luckily, there are specialists available to help you with the adjustment. Read on to learn about hormone changes and why you need a low testosterone specialist near Chevy Chase, Maryland.

What Is a Low Testosterone Specialist?

A low testosterone (low T) specialist is someone who treats conditions and diseases related to male reproductive and urinary systems. There are a few different types of providers who work in this area, including urologists and endocrinologists.

This specialist carries out tests to determine any issues you have related to hormones. Once the doctor knows if something is going on with your hormones, they use their expertise to treat you and follow up with your healing process. Men may experience a condition from hormone changes known as andropause.

What Is Andropause?

Most people are familiar with female menopause in which hormonal changes lead to physical, physiological, and emotional changes. Andropause is a referred to as male menopause. However, andropause is not the same, as it doesn’t cause men to become infertile like the change in women does. Additionally, andropause doesn’t affect all men like menopause affects all women.

Specifically, andropause is the reduction of testosterone levels that men experience as they age. It typically begins after the age of 40 and accelerates throughout their 50s and 60s, though it is a slow process. This is another difference, as menopause causes rapid hormone changes compared to the gradual yet persistent change in andropause.

How Can I Recognize Andropause?

While some of those men may recognize symptoms of low T, others may have a decline and not notice. Common symptoms include:

  • Baldness
  • Depression and / or anxiety
  • Erectile dysfunction (ED)
  • Loss of muscle mass
  • Low libido
  • Reduced energy

If you assess yourself for these symptoms, it is also important to consider if any other variables could be causing the same symptoms as andropause. For example, an unhealthy lifestyle, medication, natural age, and other conditions may cause a reduction of testosterone and its associated signs.

When you detect symptoms, the next step is to undergo testing for low testosterone. Most specialists will only test if there are symptoms, and they may recommend several tests over a period of time to ensure accuracy.

What Treatments Are Available for Low Testosterone?

There are several ways to address low testosterone, and the right treatment for you is dependent on your symptoms, your individual needs, and lifestyle. Some hormone replacement therapy methods can be more effective, while others pose more risk.

The treatments involve the applications of testosterone in a variety of levels and methods. Testosterone replacement therapies can work through:

  • Injections: Testosterone injections every one or two weeks can increase your testosterone levels.
  • Gel: To increase your testosterone levels, a gel can be placed on various parts of the body, such as the arms and legs.
  • Tablets: Testosterone tablets can be taken orally twice a day to increase testosterone.
  • Patch: Patches release testosterone into your system over the course of 24 hours.

It is important to talk to your own low T doctor to find the solution right for you.

A Low Testosterone Specialist Near Chevy Chase, Maryland May Be What You Need for Optimal Wellness!

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