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Don’t “Fall” For Temptation: Maryland Autumn Fruits and Vegetables on the hCG Diet

Don’t “Fall” For Temptation: Maryland Autumn Fruits and Vegetables on the hCG Diet

After a long, hot, humid summer, what’s not to love about fall in Maryland? Between the fall foliage, fall festivals and fall holidays, there is a lot to look forward to. At the same time, we realize that all the fall noshing and temptations can wreak havoc on your health – in particular, on your waistline if you’re following our Maryland hCG diet. Halloween candy and that extra helping of Thanksgiving stuffing aside, there are ways to enjoy fall foods and maintain your diet at the same time.

1.       Pumpkin

Although the hCG diet has pretty strict restrictions on sugar, pumpkin can be a great addition to your hCG diet this fall. Boiling pumpkin and extracting the pulp to eat is a time-consuming process; to make it easy, buy cans of pure pumpkin. They usually go on sale this time of year, so stock up!

Pumpkin is remarkably healthy – ½ a cup has only 40 calories, 4 grams of sugar, and 5 grams of fiber, making it an excellent investment in your hCG diet! Try adding it to steel-cut oats or smoothies for an extra boost of vitamin C and vitamin A. Make a delicious pumpkin soup for chilly autumn afternoons.

2.       Fennel and Apple Salad

In a previous post, we talked about the benefits of apples in the summer. Not surprisingly, they’re also a great fall staple. Apples are crisp, refreshing and a perfect accompaniment to your hCG diet plan. Dice them and pair them with chopped, raw fennel—another crisp vegetable that reaches its peak in autumn—and add a splash of fresh lemon juice to make a healthy and delicious fall salad.

3.       Spinach

Most people think of spinach as a spring or summer food. But spinach actually retains much of its vitality and flavor well into the fall. What’s also great about spinach is its versatility – you can add it to omelets, smoothies, or even serve it with a little red onion and a handful of cherry tomatoes for a healthy salad. Furthermore, its high nutritional value and low calorie content make it an ideal food for your hCG diet.

Do you feel like you’re losing control as the colder months near and need to get your weight in check? If you’re in the Maryland area, call Atlantis Medical Wellness Center today to schedule a consultation about how to jumpstart your weight loss efforts this autumn.  Contact us today!



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