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P-Shot in Bethesda, Maryland

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P-Shot in Bethesda, Maryland

P-Shot in Bethesda, Maryland: What Is It, and Why Are Men Getting It?

Sexual dysfunction isn’t always a linear journey, and there is often a lot of shame pushed onto men if they can’t perform in the bedroom.

If you’re one of the over 30 million men affected by erectile dysfunction, or you happen to have another issue, consider receiving the P-Shot in Bethesda, Maryland. Here’s what you need to know before considering this treatment.

What Is the P-Shot? How Does It Work?

The P-Shot is a form of PRP therapy. It’s done by taking the patient’s platelet-rich plasma from their blood and injecting it into the penis to promote tissue growth and blood flow, providing a better erection and increased sexual performance.

This is an outpatient procedure with quick recovery. Results will vary depending on your own body and preexisting sexual health.

Some patients see results immediately after their first session, whereas some need a few to reach their ideal outcome.

A well-trained specialist will help you to determine if the P-Shot is correct for you, as well as how many treatments you’ll need.

What Are P-Shot Benefits?

The primary benefit is that it can treat erectile dysfunction, but there are more benefits. Improvement to blood flow and nerve sensation, higher libido coupled with a more sensitive penis, and more, this unique treatment is quite the miracle worker.

Where Can I Receive the P-Shot in Bethesda, Maryland?

It can be hard to find a provider who offers this innovative technique, as there are very few trained in it. Here’s where Atlantis Medical can help.

Dr. González and team are here to help you during this difficult period in sexual wellness, so don’t hesitate and give us a call today at 301-658-7686 to book your consultation for the P-Shot in Bethesda, Maryland!

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