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The Secret to Youth (It’s Not What You Think)

The Secret to Youth (It’s Not What You Think)

A Dose of Truth Video 2: The Secret to Youth

The secret to youth is muscle mass. Period. It’s that simple. People think that weight loss is just about losing weight, but muscle mass is your metabolic engine. That’s what keeps your metabolism going. As we age, things change. We lose the different tools that help you maintain muscle mass such as Vitamin D, antioxidants or certain hormones.

So many people are focused on losing weight and so they start dieting. The problem with diets are that many of them do in fact allow you to lose body fat, but muscle mass goes right along with it. So what happens? You go on a specific diet and you lose body fat and weight. You’re happy. Your clothes fits better. But, then what happens when you go back to your bad habits? Or worse, you do a fad diet, lose a lot of muscle mass and the power of your metabolic engine and the power to maintain your youth. You gain back your weight and body fat and replace muscle mass with fat. That’s the reason for the progression of poor physiology, poor metabolism and rapid weight gain.

Here at Atlantis Medical, we offer patients the hCG Protocol. This protocol allows you to lose weight, without losing muscle mass and you improve your metabolism.

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